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If you are curious about nutrition coaching and how it might help you meet your goals, better your relationship with food and body image or improve your health, reach out to us via the contact form, online chat or send us a text.  Just be sure to leave your name, number and e mail so we can get back to you and answer your questions. There is no commitment to signing up at this stage!  We welcome your curiosity so ask away.

Feeling good about trying nutrition coaching?  Great!  Next step is to schedule a curiosity call with Coach Hannah.  This is usually around 15 minutes and gives both coach and client the opportunity to connect and dive a little deeper into your goals and chat about what is working and maybe not working so well right now that leads you to seek out a coach.  There is no commitment or obligation to sign up at this stage, you can take whatever time you need after the call to think it through.

Ready to get started?  Exciting news!  Now it's time to click on the Members tab and get set up with an account.  Once Coach Hannah approves the login you will have access to the members only forms including the Coaching Contract and the New Client Form.  Complete the contract then you will be directed to the Plans & Pricing page where you can select your program of choice.  Next up complete the New Client Form and lookout for your welcome e mail to get you started. 


Please allow 24-48 hours once you submit your Contract and New Client Form for Coach Hannah to reach out and get you set up with your personalized macro prescription or portion plan.  Once it is ready you will receive an e mail with details of the check in day process and an invite to set up a free Cronometer account if you plan to track your food intake.  You can text, e mail or call any time with questions. Welcome to the Achieving Awesome team! 

Contact Us

Arrange a free consultation, ask a question or simply say hi!

Achieving Awesome is based in Santa Barbara CA  |  Tel: (805) 600-9047

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